The control of meetings is always yours, on-premise or in cloud

Encrypted data

Your data is yours, on-premise or in cloud

Media Services

The media services are in the cloud but you control them

Only the media services in cloud, this is the real revolution

SecFull Meeting architecture ensures the encryption of all communications and of the attendees identity so that no unauthorized user can ever join the meetings, not even the cloud provider. Data will no longer go out of your organization or country.

Finally, it is possible to maintain total control of your information, on-premise or in cloud in your country, also avoiding possible tracing of activities outside your organization.


You can also avoid heavy architectural adjustments and expensive investments due to the provision of hardware, software and broadband connectivity required by the type of service. You will also be surprised at the low cost of architecture. If we compare the cost of Sec Full Meeting with other architectures with similar security features, our solution will certainly be the least expensive.

With SecFull meeting you can use other functions included in the solution

Video Meeting

Using of the most updated security and encryption protocols

Instant messaging

End-to-end chat without other external parties


Encrypted storage of documents with choice of subjects to share them

Address book

Internal address book of personnel who may or not be enabled for individual services


Access Logs, Audit Logs and Meeting Logs for a truly complete report


The platform is customizable with logo, colors and features

Dal mese di Febbraio 2021 SecFull Meeting è disponibile nel Catalogo dei servizi Cloud per la PA come applicazione SaaS qualificata per la Pubblica Amministrazione.

Le Amministrazioni Pubbliche potranno attivare l’applicazione per ottenere la massima sicurezza per le loro video/audio chiamate caratterizzate da elevate affidabilità e sicurezza, soprattutto laddove intervangano condizioni di Pubblica Sicurezza così come previsto dalla Legge (art. 75 del decreto-legge 17 marzo 2020, n.18, convertito, con modificazioni, dalla legge 24 aprile 2020, n.27).